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Curzon Gate
The majestic Curzon Gate, now known as Vijay Toran, was erected in 1903 by the king of Burdwan Maharaja Bijoy Chand Mahatab in Lord Curzon’s honour. The Royal Palace is situated one km from the gate. Distance from railway station is about one km.
108 Shiva Mandirs
In 1789, Rani Bishnukumari ordered 108 Shiva Mandirs to be built in the lines of typical mud huts of Bengal. During Shivratri, a huge fair is held here. Distance from railway station is about four km.
Tomb of Sher Afghan
The Tomb of Sher Afgan, the last of the Afghan jagirdars in Bardhaman, is located at Pir Beharam near Rajbati. Sher Afgan married Nurjahan. He revolt against Mughal Samrat and to control this, Mughal Samrat Jahangir had sent Kutubuddin. Both were died at war in 1610 AD and both were buried at the burial ground of Pir Baharam.  Distance from railway station is about two and half km.
The Golap Bag, or the Garden of Rose, of Bardhaman, is a favourite tourist haunt. It is the Botanical and Zoological garden eastablished by the King Bijoy Chand Mahatab in 1884. Famous botanist Dalton Hooker came here and listed 128 types of trees. At present there are numerous mango, casuarina, eucalyptus, jaam and shimul trees in the garden. The University of Bardhaman also takes classes in the complex. Distance from railway station is about two and half km.
Hawa Mahal
A place of major tourist attraction situated at Golapbag.
Ramana Bagan
It is the forest office of Bardhaman sub-division. It is placed at east side of Golapbag. This forest is pointed as sanctuary. This is also called deer park. Deers, tigers, crocodiles, and different kinds of birds make this place beautiful.
Bijoy Bahar
It is placed at the north-west side of Ramana Bagan where the tomb of maharaj Bijoy Chand is situated. The environment around this place is very cool and peaceful.
Meghnad Saha Planetarium
Within the University grounds is the Meghnad Saha Planetarium, built with the help of Japanese government. Although the seating capacity is quite low, it boasts of the latest technology instruments used for the show. It was opened in 1994. Regular shows are conducted here.
Science Center
The Science Center is situated at Golapbag Road near Burdwan University. It has a science museum and a park. It offers insight into the animal kingdom, the environment, etc. 
Sarbamangala Mandir
This temple situated in Sarbamangala Road. The goddess Sarbamangala is actually goddess Durga. It is made of precious black stone with 18 hands. The goddess was eastablished in 1740 A.D. by the king Kirti Chand. The present temple is created by king Mahatab Chand.
Kankelshwari Kalibari
This goddess is a beautiful example of sculpture. The goddess Chamunda is made of precious black stone with 8 hands. This sculpture was found from the river-bed of Damodor after the devastative flood in 1923. In this stone structure the human muscles and vains are craved. This is the most artistic part of this idol. This goddess is situated at Brishnu Mandir In Kanchan Nagar.
Kalna, is the confluence of the Shakta and the Vaishnava forms of worship and is only 25 km from Nabadwip. Kalna is well-connected by road. 50 km from Bardhaman, ‘Ambika Kalna’ was the summer residence of the Rajas of Bardhaman. The temples at Kalna are built of bricks with intricate terracotta designs.
A well-planned industrial town, Asansol is famous for its coal mines. 
India's biggest locomotive factory manufacturing modern electric and diesel locomotives is located here. The workshops are open to visitors and tourists on weekdays. Permission has to be obtained from the Administrative office.
Popularly known as the "Ruhr of India", the giant steel plant and industrial establishments here have been instrumental in changing the rural face of Durgapur into a vast industrial complex comprising public and private sectors. Situated on the banks of the Damodar river, this well-planned city centers around giant industrial factories like the Durgapur steel plant, Thermal Power Station and the Durgapur Barrage.
The birth place of the famous Bengali Vaishnava poet Jaidev, this place can be reached by bus and foot or ferry during the monsoons. The annual fair lasting for 10 to 15 days is held here during the first half of January.
Forests of Sai, Kusum, Mahua and Palash can be seen from here.
Located on the Barakar river, Maithon is set among undulating hills. The damsite, reservoir, Kalyaneswari temple, hydro-electric project, Panchet dam and Churulia are the important places to be seen.

Curzon Gate
108 Shiva Mandirs
Tomb of Sher Afgan
Science Center
Sarbamangala Mandir
Kankaleshwari Kali Temple
Kankaleshwari Kali Murti


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