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Hotels at Bardhaman, Burdwan, Barddhaman
City Hotel  G.T. Rd, Near Star Cinema, Burdwan 2556298
Hotel Kalyani Anita Cinema Lane, Burdwan 2568702, 2564192
Hotel Kandari Near Tinkonia Bus Stand, Burdwan 2563458, 2560158
Hotel Koner Anita Cinema Lane, Burdwan 2567851
Hotel Mainak G. T. Road, Patal Bazar (1st Floor) 2562580
Hotel Monohar Inn Anita Cinema Lane, Burdwan 2566158, 2568042
Hotel Purnasashi  B. C. Road, Burdwan 2567082
Hotel Samrat
G. T. Road, Palika Bazar, Opp. Railway Station, Burdwan 2567757, 2565981
Hotel Siddhartha
G. T. Road, Fancy Market (4th & 5th Floor), Burdwan 2663368, 2560450
Joyti Hotel Near Nataraj Cinema Hall, Burdwan 2567865
Nataraj Hotel G. T. Road, Tinkonia Bus stand 2566180
Park Hotel Khoshbagan, Burdwan 2569390
Hotel Barddhaman Inn Nawabhat More (Near 108 Shiv Mandir), Burdwan 98321 26792,
94340 15413
Hotels at Asansol
Evergreen Hotel  Abdul Latif Lane, Asansol 2204927
Hotel Akbar Leignton Place, B.B. Road, Asansol 2204758
Hotel Arti 7/162, G.T. Road. Raha Lane. 2206455-58
Hotel Asansol Inn
Opp. Police Line , Burnpur Road
Hotel Asansol International 66, G.T. Road (East). Murgasol. 2204875-77/20
Hotel Asansol Taj B. B. Road. Bakar Ali Lane, Asansol 2212075
Hotel Atithi
Atithi Complex. 1 G.T. Road. Hutton Road More, Asansol 2201431
Hotel Classic B.B. Road, Asansol 2206373
Hotel Durga 27, Apcar Garden, Senrailey Road 2253340
Hotel Geetanjali Station Road More, 114, G.T. Road
(Opp. Fire Brigade), Asansol
Hotel Glossy Bastin Bazar, Asansol Market 2202208
Hotel Gloster Bastin Bazar. Asansol Market 2203730
Hotel Maharaja 163/8, G.T. Road, Asansol 2203119
Hotel Maithan Kalyaneswari 2521405
Hotel Mousumi
29, Nuruddin Road, Near Asram More, Asansol 2204280
Hotel Paramount Bastin Bazar, Asansol Market 2202340
Hotel Plaza Plaza Market Bastin Bazar, Asansol 2203830
Hotel Rajshree 46, Siv Mandir Road, Asansol 2205637
Hotel Sarita 17, G.T. Road Asansol 2207686/3152
Hotel Sadab Bastin Bazar Asansol Market 2204218
Hotel Shradhanjali
20 & 22, G.T. Road Asansol
Above Ghanty Cloth Store
Tourist Hotel 169, G.T. Road, Asansol 2202270
Durgapur House (Annexe) Priyadarsani Indira Sarani,Durgapur 2569393/9494
Durgapur Tourist Lodge  Durgapur 2555476
Hotel Banskopa Inn
G. T. Road, Between Rajbandh & Muchipara, Durgapur 2520378/379
Hotel Ispat Durgapur 2563817
Hotel Kasino International Nachan Road, Bhiringhi, Durgapur 2583501/03/04/88
Hotel Kohinoor Nachan Road , Benachiti, Durgapur 2583230
Hotel Luxor City Center, Durgapur 2546047
Hotel Palace Sadhu Danga, Durgapur 2556469
Hotel Paradise G.T. Road. Bhiringhi, Durgapur 2583696
Hotel Reliance Nachan Road, Durgapur 2582348/2466/3882
Hotel Samrat Benachiti, Durgapur 2582049
Kwality Hotel Bhiringhi More, Durgapur 2583852
Peerless Inn City Center, Durgapur 2547511-12/6601-04
Pathik Motel Near Gandhi More, Durgapur 2542768/6399
Qaisor Hotel J.J. Singh Pvt. Ltd., Durgapur 2583209
The Riviera Durgapur 2555476/5760
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