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Weekly predictions made by renowned astro - palmist Subhendu Mukherjee. You can personally call him at 0342-2563868, 2544242 or 9434113859

Predictions for the week 10.11.03 to 16.11.03

Aries : Your activities will now extend to include social work and charity. A change of job is possible. You'll have to economise to balance your budget, but there will be new avenues for earning too. You may get involved in new activities. However, you'll prefer to keep these a secret right now.

Taurus : You may be beset with difficulties and hurdles which will make you feel rather despondent. It's not easy to deal  with such phases, but be patient. You may have to deal with illness too, either your own or of someone dear to you. However, you'll make the best of the situation and soldier on in the hope that better times lie ahead.

Gemini : You've been partying madly to take off your troubles. This week you'll realise that you need to turn your mind to more worthwhile concerns like family, finances, partnerships, collaborations. You should not neglect any of these. It's time to put in some hard work now.

Cancer : Your popularity and social status will improve considerably. You will address some problems of the past realising that there's no way you can go ahead unless you do so. Remember that persuasion, negotiation, charm and tact will stand you in better stead than stubbornness and aggression.

Leo : Although you may experience some anxiety initially, towards the end of the week things will begin to go your way. Your personal and professional life will be peaceful and happy. The absence of worry, after a long time, will make you feel good. 

Virgo :   

Libra : You will perform brilliantly  in all creative pursuits like the arts, theatre, films or writing. You will be good at speculation & make clever investments. In keeping with this fine trend, you will be able to forge wonderful new personal and professional ties.

Scorpio : Interacting with people is your forte. Now you will do it even more brilliantly than before. The range will be tremendous too - covering everyone from relatives to business associates. Travel will not only set you free, it will help you grow. 

Sagittarius : You will concentrate on building your self-esteem. This will find a positive outlet in charity and social welfare. The negative side of this trend may be a tendency to take on unnecessary confrontations. It's better to concentrate on furthering your own ambitions instead.
Capricorn : The latest developments in technology and all futuristic concerns will interest and draw you. Closer home, ties with friends and relatives will keep you busy. you may embark on crash courses for learning new technologies. Colleagues will help and support you.  

Aquarius : Your relationships with colleagues and companions will improve. You'll be in the mood to help others. You will involve yourself freely in global concerns and humanitarian issues, do charity and help the needy.

Pisces : You will be deeply interested in charity, law and order and global issues. You'll find an easing of tension in traveland in closer ties with loved ones. Being with like-minded people is now necessary for your emotional well-being.

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