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Taslima Nasrin posts banned book on Net

Burdwan , 08 Feb. 04 :  
Taslima Nasrin posts un-censored version of her banned books on the Internet. Dwikhandita (banned in both West Bengal & Banglsdesh) as well as Aamar Meyebela (banned in Bangladesh) are easily available to be read at her official website. A downloadable version is available which can also be  printed. 

The net version of the controversial & banned book is been downloaded, printed & read by net users all over the district.

The page from which the banned book can be freely downloaded

Dwikhandita was banned by the Govt. of West Bengal in Nov. 2003 following Kolkata High Court's temporary stay order on release of the book & subsequent protest from some people & intellectual of mainly the minority community on account of containing obscene & vulgar text on Prophet Hazarat Mahhamad & his wife.

The entire matter was brought into notice of the District Administration for the first time by The S.P., Burdwan, K. C. Meena was not aware of the incident and assured us that the district police will "look into the matter & will take necessary steps".

An owner of a cyber café in Durgapur admitted on enquiry that, "Many surfers may have downloaded the book & even stored copies on CDs. We generally don't interfere with the privacy of our visitors & don't monitor what sort of websites one is visiting. The issue came into our notice when one of them approached us to print the downloaded version of Dwikhandita. We simply declined, but we are afraid that many copies of the same may be already in the market as it can be easily copied & stored in CD media." Another owner of a cyber café in Burdwan said, "As we generally do not monitor our users activity on the net, we don't know whether anyone has downloaded or visited the website. But in recent times we got about a couple of enquiries on the matter."

Our enquiry on the matter reveled that, the news of this availability of the book is quite a hot scoop among the net users of the district & many of them have already downloaded the book. A quite few of them have even distributed the book to their friends both in print & CD media. An engineering student & a regular net user said, "What's the harm. If it is available on the Internet, we have every right to read it. Government should have taken measures to stop the website been accessed from the country."

The District Magistrate, Subrata Gupta was quite astonished by the fact when contacted this morning & commented, "We will definitely look into the matter & will forward the same to the state government for further action". 

At a telephonic conversation, Sibani Mukhopadhyay, (the publisher of Dwikhandiata in India) said, "We did not commit any mistake by publishing the book. Everyone should have `freedom of speech'. The anti-Islam image of Taslima is not a new phenomenon. Actually she is against religion. We have sold 3000 copies of the book & couldn't sell about 2000 copies after the ban was imposed. We are still carrying the loss. It is quite unfortunate if the banned book can be downloaded from the Internet. This will actually add up to more loss for us."

The controversial author had earlier commented on this at an website, "
A friend is developing the website. Everyone who wishes to read the book, but has failed to get a copy of it due to the ban, can visit my site and read the original manuscript." 

Taslima now in Kolkata visiting the Kolkata Book Fair & meeting press justifying her "freedom of speech" has used technology to make her banned book available to the world. Her publisher quite busy in calculating "loss due to availability of the book free on the Internet." The State Government is busy providing security to the controversial author and the Taslima fans are busy reading the uncensored version of the banned books.

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