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Bardhaman Dot Com News Bureau
Burdwan, 8 June 04 :
A city boy have topped on the state medical entrance examination (JEE medical) and have ranked 4th. Victor Roy, an ex-student of the St. Xavier's school, Burdwan have been rewarded for his year long hard-work & dedication. Victor said, "last year I did appear for the entrance, but due to ill-health couldn't manage a rank in it. Instead to getting admission to degree course, I concentrated hard for the preparation of this year's entrance."

He also informed, "I had invested 10-12 hours of my day for the preparation. Unlike the previous year my preparations were limited to the syllabus of the state joint entrance examination only. I totally owe this to my teachers, without their help & guidance I couldn't have managed to succeed in the examination." 

His father, Bikash Chandra Roy, a senior geologist with the Geological Survey of India also expressed their gratitude to the teachers. He said to, "I would like my son to dedicate atleast two days of his weeks in future to serve for the villagers of Khana, from where we belong."

Proud parents with their achiever son

He informed that, he have already expressed his feelings to Victor & `expect he will honour it.' "We were sure than he would rank between the 1st 50, but didn't a top 5 position. It is indeed our dreams come true" informed Kalyani Roy, the proud mother.

Kanishka Samanta of C.M.S. High School have ranked 5th in the same entrance. Being son of a noted dermatologist of the city, Kanishka dreams to follow his father's footsteps. "I want to be a dermatologist like my father" said Kaniska. 

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