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Loksava Election 2004 CPIM wallaing at Burdwan

Burdwan, 08 Apr. 04:
The ruling CPI(M) party promotes itself `one of the few secular political parties of the country'. A wall writing in support of the CPI(M) candidate for coming election depicts a complete different scenario. The wall poster written by the comrades of Ukhrid under Khandaghosh PS area, has created a controversy in the district politics. The Trinamool Congress & the oppositions are planning to bring the matter in the notice of the Election Commission of the country. They feel that, CPIM is trying to abolish harmony in the area by such communal campaigning, which also violets the model code of conduct laid by the election commission.

The District Magistrate, Subrato Gupta said, "no political party is allowed or permitted to use communal sentiments which can destroy harmony in the area as a part of their election campaign. Obviously such thing violates the model code of conduct of the Election Commission. Administration on behalf of the election commission, will take strong action in this matter." 

Ukhrid which falls under the Burdwan parliamentary constituency and Khandaghosh assembly area, will host both the parliamentary and assembly by-elections next month. The wall writing in support of CPIM candidates, Nikhilananda Sar & Prasanta Maji urges to voters `Gujrat ganahattar protishodh nin' (take revenge of the `Gujrat mass killing'). Among the seven points, they have highlighted the Gujrat related matters to fight against the BJP-TMC alliance candidate.

The TMC district organistional secretary, Chandranath Mukherjee said, "the CPIM is trying to create communal tension in the area. Such activity violates the model code of conduct (General conduct (i) & (iii)). We will bring this matter into the notice by written complaint to the Chief Electoral Officer, WB and the District Magistrate, Burdwan." 

"We are a party of discipline & ethics. We don't provoke but hate communal parties & ethics. We cannot write such poster, I think some other unknown person have done this to humiliate the image of the party before the election." explained Amal Halder, the District Secretary of the CPI(M).

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